What Is Bipolar Disorder And How Can CBD Help To Cope With It?

CBD For Bipolar Disorder
CBD For Bipolar Disorder
CBD For Bipolar Disorder
CBD For Bipolar Disorder

Severe mood swings occur in people who have bipolar disorder. Individuals who are diagnosed with this mental health disorder go through alternating spells of depression and mania. When depressed, they might not have pleasure in doing the things they would otherwise find pleasurable. When manic, they may feel that they have superhuman skills. The term ‘bipolar’ refers to the two extremes of low and high mood. Doctors often say that one always has to be in between both these mental states. Unfortunately, there exists no cure for manic depressive illness. That said it is possible to curb its symptoms considerably. Treatment for manic depression aims to help the patient achieve a balanced or normal state of mind.

The thing with standard treatment is that it has side effects. Some of the negative secondary effects of bipolar disorder drugs are enough to make patients try other options. One of the possible alternative treatment options for manic depression is cannabidiol. Before we look at why you might wish to utilize CBD for bipolar disorder, let us discuss how this health condition affects people.

What Effects Do Manic Depression Have On Individuals?

Manic depression is characterized by extreme changes in mood, activity level, and energy level. We all experience some mood swings in life, but in the case of bipolar disorder, these are so extreme that it considerably affects one’s ability to do daily tasks. Both manic spells and depressive periods make one unable to think clearly. When going through periods of mania, the person will have the kind of energy level that enables them to be sleepless for several days altogether. This is not a good thing, but the bipolar patient is likely to regard it as some kind of superpower, while it is not. When manic, they also do unusual things, such as going on a shopping spree or making a huge business decision.

On the other hand, depression causes the patient to cry without any provocation. Some often describe this behavior as crying at the drop of a hat. Depression is potentially debilitating, whether it occurs in bipolar disorder or not. Many people who experience it feel physical pain, in addition to the emotional trauma. It is very similar to the standard clinical depression. One cannot snap out of it. Proper treatment is as important as a correct diagnosis for effective relief from manic depressive illness.

How Can Cannabidiol Help?

There may not have been much research conducted on CBD and manic depression, but existing studies show that it is potentially effective in treating the condition. The most prevalent complications related to it are mental depression and anxiety. A full-spectrum CBD product’s components interact with one’s central nervous system (CNS) in a manner that helps them to deal with anxiety and mental depression at once. A good thing with CBD is that it interacts with another treatment only to a small extent. So, you may use this and the hemp oil together, for more beneficial effects on the whole.

CBD For Anxiety And Mental Depression

Cannabidiol is known to be capable of easing anxiety in individuals who have bipolar disorder. It can do this by attaching to CB1 cannabinoid receptors, which are present in the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). This not only makes a feel-good hormone such as serotonin more available in the human body but also reduces the level of cortisone in the flowing blood.

CBD For Aggression

Cannabidiol has a potentially calming effect, even though it is derived from the cannabis herb known for its psychoactive compounds such as THC. So, it can be used to ease aggression in an individual one who goes through a phase of depression or hyperactivity. Cannabidiol is among the natural substances that possibly stabilize one’s mood.

CBD Can Induce Sleep

Bipolar patients tend to find themselves in a state of sleeplessness owing to the aforesaid anxiety issue. Using cannabidiol before bedtime will affect you just like how sleeping pills would, but without harmful secondary effects or the possibility of addiction. Cannabidiol is known to attach with the brain-based receptors that play a role in restoring the circadian rhythm; which is an internal process that is natural. Moreover, it regulates your sleep-wake cycle.

The Takeaway

Cannabidiol helps you deal with manic depression, but you must try many other things to have a quicker relief. Physical exercises, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, and several other things are essential to get the most out of any treatment. The same goes to CBD for bipolar disorder. When you are on any standard prescription medication for it, speak to your doctor regarding the possibility as well as the effectiveness of using cannabidiol alongside it. This is important because CBD possibly interacts with standard prescription medication. Drug-drug interaction will result in one of the two treatment options being less effective than when it is used alone.