Common Side Effects Of CBD

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Side Effects Of CBD
Side Effects Of CBD

CBD is the most trending supplement of this era. Its usage is being promoted by most of the health food stores, Even gym trainers are advising their trainees to use CBD for faster recovery from workout injuries. The main reason for its popularity is its availability. CBD is now available in most of the drug stores and also through online sources.

Since it does not have any addictive property or the capacity to offer a psychoactive effect, most of the places are making it legal. Some of them are considering it as a supplement with no side effects. However, it is not entirely true. Every food that we eat and all the beverage that we drink have some side effects. Most of those effects are passive and some of them are active. The studies have pointed out some of the active side effects of CBD such as follows.

CBD Leads To Vascular Relaxation

Some studies conducted with CBD have proved that it helps in the relaxation of vascular walls of the circulatory system. This helps in reducing the blood pressure and also prevents the risk of forming high blood pressure. It is a positive property of CBD because it can help people suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension to recover from the condition. However, this property can sometimes affect the health of people adversely. If you are not having any problem with the circulatory system and are using CBD on a daily basis, it will enable the easy flow of blood and reduce the chance of falling into hypertension. But if you are suffering from a condition causing low blood pressure, regular consumption of CBD can lead to many potential health hazards.

CBD Will Interact With Other Medicines

Most of the health experts are advising people to not take CBD if they are already under any medication. This is mainly because of two reasons. One is that if you are having CBD along with some medicines, it will nullify its effects. For example, if you are having CBD along with medicines to improve your blood pressure, the effects of CBD will counteract the effectiveness of the medicines. The second reason for such advice is that it may boost the properties of the medicine. For example, if you are having CBD along with the medicines to control sleeplessness, it will increase the effectiveness of the medicine and will make you inactive or sleepy. Therefore, it is better not to have CBD if you are under any medication.

Can Increase Fat In The Body

There is a high risk of increase in the fat secretion of a person while using CBD. However, not all products are responsible for increasing the fat content. Most of the CBD products are made with CBD oil. CBD oil is manufactured by adding CBD extract with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Both these carrier oils are having many health benefits and also contain many essential minerals and vitamins. But 90 percent of these oils are saturated fats. Therefore if you are suffering from conditions like cholesterol and if you consume CBD oil in large quantities, it will lead to many severe health hazards. If a normal person is having CBD oil in large doses, it will not exhibit such effects on them.

CBD May Affect Sleep

CBD is used by many people suffering from insomnia for getting a faster and deeper sleep. It is also used by some people to be active and more energetic. The studies have found that CBD is effective in satisfying both these needs. If a person is feeling sleepy or has a tendency to get sleep, his or her body will release melatonin. If a person is having CBD during this time, it will interact with this hormone and increase its effectiveness. This hormone is released when a person is physically tired. Therefore, if a person is consuming CBD during this time with a motive of regaining energy, it may provide the opposite effect and will make the person sleepy. So it can never be used as an energy booster or a sleeping pill because its properties will change depending on the changes in our body.

The above mentioned are some of the commonly reported side effects of CBD. Most of them cannot be considered as a side effect because it is a necessity for some people. Therefore, it is always better to start consuming CBD after consulting with a doctor. It will help you to identify whether CBD is good or bad for your health considering your physical properties. Some people have also reported that CBD will lead to dryness of mouth when consumed orally. It happens because CBD interacts with the salivary glands and this is temporary. The glands will be back to normal within a short period of time.