How To Administer Cannabidiol To Your Dog

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

Any dog can be wary of consuming a new product, or hesitant to do so, however familiar you are with it as its owner. Anyhow, if it trusts you so much that it would consume whatever you give it, then go for oral CBD administration. That would entail administering an oil-type product with CBD for dogs with a dropper. It may work for any dog, but it is most appropriate for a larger one. If the animal is large or does not cooperate with you for the oral administration, try the following options.

Adding It To The Dog’s Meal

Including the cannabidiol product in food items is among the best means of administering it to the animal. It is possible to add oil-type CBD for pets to dry and wet dog food. It would mask any unusual taste or smell, thus making the animal consume the product without knowing the same. A different option would be to combine it with a treat that can be stirred such as peanut butter.

Putting It On Top Of A Dog Treat

Does your puppy or dog love treats? If yes, you could administer cannabidiol oil thus as well. Just put some drops of it on one side of your dog’s favorite treat, and offer it to the animal with that side turned down. That should also mask any smell your dog is not familiar with. In other words, it is unlikely to tell the difference.

Adding It To Homemade Dog Treats

That it is possible to work cannabidiol oil into virtually anything is among its best features. Do you know how to bake dog treats? If yes, prepare the treat and just add some drops of your pet CBD product to it.

Potential Side Effects Of Cannabidiol To Know

Dogs can also react to cannabidiol differently. Therefore, you must start administering the lowest dosage to it. Then, see how the animal reacts to it, and decide on increasing the dose accordingly. It is also a good idea to journal the animal’s behavior after it starts consuming cannabidiol, and then discuss that written information with a veterinarian. Drowsiness, soft stool, and dry mouth are among the adverse effects of cannabidiol on dogs. When your dog has any of those issues, you might need to stop feeding it cannabidiol for some days and the start again later.